Etnik Cleansing EP

by Channel 72

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Etnik Cleansing EP is a 4 track release.


released March 10, 2011

Ibn Al-Rocka - Bass
Cihan Kaan - Singer, Writer
ALM - Drums
Shazia Maddeep - Guitar

Recorded at the Rockaway Labz. Thanks to Misili Midhib, DJ Poon Jab, Krikey Mic, Steve Jackson and Bob Dobbs.


all rights reserved



Channel 72 Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Breakin' Us Down
we gotta feel the pain
and we are one
we'll find our way
when the war is done
we gotta feel the pain
and we are one
we see their eyes
and they have got
no problem waiting
until we rot
we waited so damn long for this
in overpriced apartments

break it down
break it down
breakin them down
breakin us down

we feel the flames
and burn as one
we'll find out why
we cant see the sun
we've lived this lie
and they have not
desecrated all
they've got
Track Name: World on Fire
yea ooo
on the cusp of another war
world war 3
comin at'chya
courtesy of your governemt
and our beautiful minds
lets ease up

Gotta be patient today
felt the fallback in the bomb shelter yesterday
dont they say we're all the same?
but noone believes it anyway

so get your guns, get your shells
and lets nuke'm away
motherfuckers think they got god
but they wont get on their knees and pray

we are the authority
we've got longevity
we're gonna excercise our power
to put the world on fire

coulda woulda shoulda but ya didnt
apathetic fuckerz!

newspapers and media going insane
but little do they know that you're to blame
didnt we once create a democracy
stop this shit and demand accountability
Track Name: The 8Bit Alliance - Within Fear
Lyrics by C. Kaan & J. Donahue

its like two different sides of the irish sea
whether your holding the lash or getting whipped by it for hundreds of years
its two different stories and thats plane to see now is the time and here are we
so retrospect and think whats correct when one powers rising without being checked
test your mind, engage your intellect demand what is yours and earn some repsect
now look around
you're in the same old town that pummeled your face into the ground
you have nothing to show me except the wounds from your crown that act as proof that you've been taken down
get up and stand up as the profit has said
voice your disgust get it out of your head
stand and be counted or mark yourself dead
prepare for the fight and acquire your lead

hold tight and wait a minute
the lines are being drawn by the righteous critics
the war is on and we might just win it
but who's the enemy when the opposition are already finished
so you say this is for the screaming babies?
well they're still screamin now one day you'll hear a sound
and it wont be a baby
Perhaps a lash a flash a blast of whiplash
from the back of the paddywagon
that your getting escorted in with all your friends
brother can you lend me your ear

Look onto the horizon
look onto the horizon come on child
all the lying
all the ppl are dying within fear

God aint on the side of those in power
its against the nature of the force to accomodate a monster
pushing blood soaked media censors banning
isn't funny to watch a super-power panicking?
for the sake of your vehicles
seeing all this through oil wells and arabian tales of nights exploited
at ground zero running dolo
alladin's getting ransacked by ill cats with big bats
Bring by 50 years of misinfo
sin dont blow over
these Wahabs go undercover
2 villians in this scenario
for the muslims its the Wahabi for Americans its their hobby of running their mouths
and leaving this out for big business to figure out
its time to expose both enemies and shut them out

green dreams poisoning our views
hypocrasy in lue
claiming a better life for me and you
ignorance is bliss but are defenseless to the senseless or so we do confess
pick up yourself and act your best or sit and be guilty just as the rest
indirection causes infection and defection to the system that we live in bringing guilt and prison into my vision
collision of the elite bringing terror to my feet as i come up in arms with my free decree



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